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As we approach the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays, press releases coming into CD-Traveller suggest that three Mediterranean destinations are getting lots more of us visiting them.

Croatia which has been receiving increases over the last few years reports that UK visitor numbers are up by 25% for the first six months of the year. As it joined the Eurozone at the beginning of this July, it might encourage more of us to consider it since we can use up those euros that we bring back from other places. It is also helped by the fact that so many airlines link us to a country that offers so much for the sort of holiday Brits and Irish want; islands, beaches, heritage, wine and food festivals, walking and fantastic scenery.

Tunisia is doing even better. In June alone, 54,752 of us visited the country which is up nearly 50% over last year; that in turn was over 40% up on the previous year. For the whole of the first six months, UK arrivals were up by nearly a third. That Tunisia is a country that has resorts well-geared for the package holiday market means that all the big tour operators feature in the country in places like Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba with connections from many of our regional airports. But increasingly Tunisia is attracting individual tourists and those prepared to wander further afield such as down to the deserts in the south or the salt lake of Chott el Jerrid.

Spain of course is our big holiday destination second only to France and after some doldrum years a little while ago, is proving to be very attractive to visitors. Already it has received very close to 30 million visitors this year and UK and Irish visitors account for well over a quarter of all of those. And you’ll never guess where the hotspots are! We head for the Canaries where we form the majority of all the visitors the islands achieve and in the Balearics, where a third of all are made up of us Brits.

Amongst other nations, Greece has had a pickup in the numbers of us travelling there according to some tour operators but no official figures are available for the most recent months. But Egypt is having a poor year given the troubles there and the international media coverage.

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