I hate passion

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I'm mildly ambivalent about Sydney Harbour!

These days you seem to have to be passionate about everything. Press releases drop daily in my in-box saying that people are passionate about tourism, this destination, that building or this task. You can’t seem to get a job in tourism these days unless you declare your passion. Even we visitors have to be passionate about where we go.

It’s beginning to irritate me so I declare for all to see that I hate passion.

Yes, I like lots of places; Venice, Caithness, Rannoch Moor, the sights between Llangurig and Aberystwyth, the Brecon Beacons, Sydney Harbour, Puget Sound, Wath, southern Tunisia and Egypt and dozens of other places but am I passionate about them? No. Would I suggest other people see them? Yes but I am still not passionate.

Being passionate has become one of the most overworked phrases used by the travel trade – and everyone else for that matter. Doesn’t it just mean “enjoy?” If it does, then why not just say it. “Passion” suggests that you have an overwhelming desire, a desire that almost inhabits your every moment. If that is true and people feel like that, they need to get a life and calm down because they’ll burn themselves out soon.

We visit, we travel, we holiday because we want to relax not exhaust ourselves by being passionate. That would be far too exhausting and holidays aren’t about exhaustion. In the words of Michael Winner, ”calm down,” enjoy what destinations bring and certainly don’t get high blood pressure – surely a link with passion.

So enjoy your summer holidays just don’t get passionate. And I’d better stop otherwise I shall be passionate about hating passion. I’m probably just mildly ambivalent instead!

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