The bridge of tweets

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The Bridge of Tweets?

No, this isn’t a story about a wi-fi connected attraction that allows social media nuts to send snappy, inane comments about walking on a bridge. This is much more interesting. This bridge has bird noises!

As pedestrians cross the bridge their walk will be caressed by bird song. But only when the bridge stands still. When it opens for shipping then pedestrians will hear maritime sounds although I’m not sure what sounds they might be.

And where is this amazing bridge? Which city has had the foresight to meld practicality with cheerful bird song? Why Hull, a place that I was rather taken with when I visited it properly about eighteen months ago. Surely hear (sorry, here) is another tourist attraction to add to all the others the city has and which most people don’t know about.

The press release doesn’t tell me what the bird sounds might be like. Do we hear nightingales and larks when it is a sunny day? On sultry and hot days like those we have recently had do we get the sounds of tropical birds? And on wet, dank winter days do the screeches of crows and magpies greet us? Do seagulls and gannet noises greet us when the bridge opens for ships to pass by? Is that what they mean by maritime noises or do we just get the din of ship sirens and crew shouted commands?

This clever attraction is a footbridge in the city that links the east bank, the award-winning The Deep visitor attraction and the popular Museums Quarter in the Old Town. Apart from the bird song, the difference is that you can stay on the bridge as it swings open. You get the pleasure of the funfair with the practicality of getting somewhere!

But I feel Hull has missed a trick. They could have a different bird song every day so that more visitors would be encouraged to visit. There could be monthly competitions with a weekly award for guessing bird song in day order with the winner getting a year’s subscription to the RSPB or free entry to places in the maritime quarter. And Hull should have ships passing by the bridge every hour on the hour so you know when you have the chance to have a swing. It could be like a children’s playground but for adults.

But the bridge doesn’t seem to have a name. How about the Bridge of Tweets?

Image © Visit Hull and East Yorkshire

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