Does the government know?

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On Thursday, in the House of Lords, Lord Harrison asked the government if they have any plans to reform APD – Air Passenger Duty – that tax that we get charged every time we fly.
It was the answer that I found illuminating.
Lord Deighton who answered the questions said – and I quote from Hansard – “Reforms to air passenger duty (APD) were considered as part of the consultation launched at Budget 2011.”
So after all the lobbying since 2011 by the travel trade, Caribbean countries who feel hard-done-by in the way that it is calculated, petitions and questions in both houses since, the impression from this statement is that the government has taken absolutely no notice of them whatsoever. Although the government answer also said that that the chancellor keeps all taxes under review the impression I get is that this line is added to almost everything that any government or whatever persuasion says.
A better question for Lord Harrison to ask might have been whether the treasury is noticing any fall-off in the number of us travelling abroad compared to last year and, if there is a drop, whether that fall-off can be attributed to the high rate of APD. If any fall off is not put down to APD what considered research has been done to show what is responsible.

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