Blackwood beach

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Yes I do mean Blackwood rather than Blackpool.

Blackwood is a village in the valleys of Wales, a place largely un-noticed by the world other than me. I know it because my great aunt Marge lived there and, for us kids, she made the best fairy cakes I can remember but couldn’t eat them herself because she was diabetic. I also remember Blackwood because the railway line went past the bottom of her garden and we could watch the blackened steam trains puffing by. The trains no longer chugg though the village, the passenger line have gone years ago. And Blackwood may be known by some readers as being the home town of the Manic Street Preachers.

There are strong similarities between Paris and Blackwood although you might not immediately see why. It is because both create urban beaches for the summer so that kids can build sand castles and believe that there really were at the beach and the sea was nearby.
This weekend, the 29th and 30th June, Blackwood High Street will be transformed into a bustling Beach Party as part of the annual Blackwood Summer Festival. The Urban Beach will once again wash ashore on the High Street. You can hire a deckchair and relax whilst the sandcastles are built; you can enjoy a donkey ride along the “front” and then go and have all the thrills of the funfair. There’s the opportunity for the children to see their favourite TV costumed characters. This is all part of the entertainment which will be on offer at this free event as well as some fantastic food & craft stalls to keep the whole family occupied.

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