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the Burlington Arcade and its beadles

Without travelling further than London, you could see 92 buildings from around the world. I am not talking about a model village but a carpet and a rather long carpet at that.

In London’s Burlington Arcade, there is a new carpet replacing the almost two hundred yard one that links one end of the arcade to the other. This new one – which features 92 different and well known buildings from around the world – is a collaboration between Linley, the design company, and Brintons, the carpet manufacturer.
The buildings that appear in the carpet include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, St Pauls Cathedral in London, Italy’s Duomo di Milano, the Reichstag in Berlin, Seattle’s Space Needle, New York’s Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum, the Christ Redeemer in Rio, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Moscow’s Dormition Cathedral, The Aspire Tower in Doha, India’s Taj Mahal, China’s Pearl TV Tower and Forbidden City and The Sail in Singapore. But although the buildings might not appeal to say younger visitors, there are a few features that might. Look carefully and you will see Mary Poppins flying over the London skyline, Quasimodo making an appearance in Paris and King Kong on New York’s Empire State Building.

looking down on the world

The Burlington Arcade is already a tourist draw in its own right and visitors like to have their photograps taken with one or more of the beadles, but the carpet will attract people who might not otherwise visit any of the shops there. You can easily believe that it will become one of those “hidden away gems” that is so beloved of tourist board people. After all most people don’t look down as they sightsee only around and up!
The arcade has an interesting history in its own right. Built in 1819 it was the world’s first arcade of shops; it was here in one of the shops that the Victoria Cross was designed; it was where the soft shirt-collar was invented by John Drew; is widely portrayed in films such as Patriot Games and it has its own poltergeist – Percy.

Now to those reasons for visiting the Burlington Arcade – and the shops themselves – can be added the world-at-your-feet walk.

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