Wishing for the sun

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Barbados; no snow, no cold weather!

The news that Spring has probably been the coldest for the last thirty-four years made me look for a summery, hot story for this morning to cheer us up. That was reinforced by weather forecasters announcing that snow would fall in Scotland and that sleet might even be seen as far south as the Chilterns. In any case for many of us the next two days seems to have cold temperatures and a good dollop of rain. It’s warmer in Stockholm, Oslo and St Petersburg than here!

So where could sound more sunny, more appealing and more likely to have hot temperatures than the Caribbean? Just the sound of some of their festivals makes you feel a little bit summery and wondering where you have put the lighter clothing. (We’ll forget the Celtic Carnival occurring in Barbados at the moment as that smacks of colder weather!) In the Bahamas, for example, they have a Pineapple festival in early June on Eleuthera Island and then, just a few days later, their Crab Fest. The Turks and Caicos Islands have their Crab Fest at the end of June. Antigua celebrates its Mango-Pineapple culinary Competition at the end of July which, I have to confess, I find strange. When fresh pineapple and mango tastes so good why cook it? Just gorge on the succulence of it even if it does mean a juice-covered shirt!

The Caribbean also enjoys its festivals as you’ll know if you’ve ever been lucky to be there when one is happening. There’s the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival in Jamaica during the middle of June, Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival 2013 in late August, the Vincy mas at the end of that June in St Vincent but it is St Lucia that really celebrates. Their carnival starts in a few days’ time and lasts until mid-August. Merengue fever takes over in the Dominican Republic in early August for a week seemingly taking over the whole of the capital city of Santo Domingo.

So the Caribbean provides fun and the sunshine. We might have fun with all the events happening here over the summer but will we ever see prolonged sunshine?

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