More of us to holiday abroad?

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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Tenerife. Will this be the favourite 2013 holiday spot?

Yet more evidence has come – this time from Tesco Travel Money – that holidays are important to us and we intend to have them.

As the economic malaise continues its seemingly never-ending path into its fifth year, one thing that has characterised it is our total unwillingness to sacrifice holidays. Some years ago it was spotted that we might be cutting back but that is as far as it has gone. We still dodge between small increases in UK holidays over overseas ones depending on the weather near the time we are booking and we have returned to the travel agent despite many saying the high street was dying. With half-tern only a week away many of us will be travelling overseas or will we? Or will we go in summer?

46% of us plan to travel abroad as much as we did – or even more – than we did five years ago which would have been before the economic crisis hit us. That means that over half of us do not travel abroad as often as we used to do. So most of us have managed to maintain the holiday lifestyle we had before 2008 which would seem to confirm how important holidays are to us.

The Tesco research also suggests that as many as 35% of us plan to travel abroad in the next three months. This is slightly more than traditionally has been expected so why might many more of us be considering holidaying overseas? One reason could because we remember last year’s soggy summer when the rains never seemed to end. Another could be the dank and cool weather we seem to have had since Christmas. Yes, we have had some decent weather recently but this research was carried out before then.

Tesco, themselves, don’t suggest any reasons as to why higher numbers might holiday overseas other than the memory of last winter. I wondered whether it was because the average Tesco shopper might be more accustomed to an overseas holiday but the research was not just carried out amongst their customers.

Beach holidays remain the top choice says the research but wasn’t it always so? Ask people on a cold or wet day and guess what answer you’ll get when you ask them what type of holiday they want? Ask them on a sunny, warm day and you might get another.
Again, it’s no great surprise that when asked about where they are going that exchange rates are mentioned. But this year sterling has yo-yoed against the euro and dropped against the US dollar making American holidays pricier than they were and hotel prices there have risen. At present Greece, Tunisia and Egypt are destinations where bargains might be had as we take advantage of troubles those countries have had.

And Tesco says the average spend on holidays this year that we, who took a holiday last year, is over £1,500 per person. You can get plenty of holiday for that!

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