The five fabulous regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Although Bosnia and Herzegovina is administratively divided into two entities – Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska and Brčko District – from the traveller`s point of view, it is best seen from the perspective of its five distinct regions – each with its own attractions and character. Read on for the big reveal on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s regions

Sarajevo region
Discover the vibrant, Eastern-influenced capital city; Sutjeska National Park, home to one of Europe’s last primeval forests; the highlands cultures and mountain traditions of Bjelasnica; Olympic-standard wintersports on Bjelasnica and Jahorina mountains.

Herzegovina region
With its own distinct history and Mediterranean climate, Herzegovina is the country’s most diverse region. Explore dense green forests around Jablanica, Prozor and Konjic; the beautiful city of Mostar with its iconic bridge; and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 22km of coastline, including the resort of Neum.

Central Bosnia region
Journey into the very heart of the ancient Bosnian state as you explore monasteries, mosques, fortresses and highland villages. Don’t miss Bosnia’s best-preserved fortress at Travnik, or the chance to kayak or fish the Krivaja River.

Northwest region
For centuries the Ottoman frontier against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but in recent times known as the Bosanska Krajina or ‘Bosnian Frontier’, this region abounds with natural attractions and is the perfect playground for hiking, biking, fishing or just enjoying a lazy day in the great outdoors. Jajce, the stronghold of the rulers of the Middle Ages Bosnian Kingdom, is a must see with its heritage depicting Ottoman, Middle Ages and Roman times in the area.

Northeast region
The city of Tuzla, with its finely preserved Ottoman architecture, is the tourism centre of this busy region of mountains and lakes, but find time to visit Srebrenica with its moving memorial to lost civilians, and to explore dense forests which are home to many bears and wolves.


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