Bosnia and Herzegovina event highlights

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to a thriving programme of events, with something to attract every kind of visitor. Three of the best-known are:

Jumping from Mostar Bridge (last week of July)
Whilst bridge jumping can take place at any time in the summer, everything comes to a head over the last weekend in July. Divers from the whole region, led by young local bravehearts, make impressive dives from a height of 24 metres into the fast flowing river from Stari Most, Mostar’s Old Bridge.

Sarajevo Film Festival (mid August)
Perhaps most famous of all the cultural events staged in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) is the perfect red carpet event to mix and mingle with international movie stars, actors and producers. Attended by around 100,000 visitors annually, the SFF features 13 festival programmes, including an Open Air Cinema allowing attendees to watch movies under the stars.

Jazz Fest Sarajevo (November)
This is an annual celebration of jazz and improvised music which attracts international musicians and visitors. The week long event not only covers some of the world’s best jazz but also invites new and cutting edge artists for late night performances in several venues around the city. If you love jazz – Jazz Fest is for you.

Other highlights of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s events calendar are:

Biennial of Contemporary Art, Konjic (26 April – 26 September)
Tito’s Atomic Shelter is an unusual setting for this contemporary art exhibition. This famous bunker, which resembles an underground labyrinth, was kept secret until the 1990s.

Kozara Ethno Fest, Potkozarje region (5 – 8 July)
Traditional songs, music, costumes, cuisine and activities, such as spinning and bee-keeping provide the vibrancy for this annual ethno/cultural event aimed at international and local audiences.

Kids’ Festival, Sarajevo (7 – 11 June)
This is the largest independent youth event in South Eastern Europe. Workshops, magic shows, international jugglers, clowns and dancers perform, whilst cartoons and movies are shown for youngsters of all ages.

International Folklore Festival, Sarajevo (4 – 6 July)
Get your dancing shoes on! This festival attracts performances from guest and local ensembles and holds great appeal for international visitors interested in folklore and traditional performance.



Summer on the Vrbas, Banya Luka (29 July – 1 August)
City bridge jumping, racing kayaks, a rafting regatta, swimming and sport fishing – just some of the many activities which comprise this two-day event centred on the River Vrbas, flowing below the Kastel fortress.

Bascarsija Nights, Sarajevo (1 – 31 July)
Classical music, folk dancing, opera, ballet, rock, love songs and poetry all take place in Sarajevo’s famous old Turkish quarter Baščaršija, often under open skies. These performances run alongside art exhibitions and children’s programmes. The opening day sees a performance by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and there are usually 40 – 50 separate events, all of which offer free attendance.

MESS International Theatre Festival (October – dates to be confirmed)
The Festival of ‘Small Experimental Stage’, the MESS Theatre Festival nonetheless has its roots in theatre tradition that is more than a century. It features experimental art, theatre and modern dance performances selected from all over Europe.

Sarajevo Fashion Week (November – dates to be announced)
All you would expect from an international fashion week and more! The opening show sees actors and singers wearing handmade Bosnian fashion.



Sarajevo Winter (February/March 2014)
Running for close to full two months, this is Sarajevo’s longest festival. With at least one event on the programme daily, this is a festival that includes many genres of art. There are all sorts of music, dance and theatre performances but there are also organised museum trips and city walks. Each year the festival starts in early February – coinciding with the dates of the 14th Olympic Winter games – thus maintaining through art the core values of excellence, friendship and respect.

Una Regatta (mid July)
Una Regatta, held in July, has for the past 40 years been more of a celebration and tribute to the River Una then a competition. Every year it attracts more than 10,000 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and other countries in the region, and over the past six to seven years it has welcomed an increasing number of international participants too. Each year the route grows in length – with a large part of it taking rafters through the heart of the youngest European National Park.

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