World’s worst flying companion?

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Fussy eating, disorganisation, control freakery, playing music loudly and being tight with money are the top five habits that irritate us about our fellow travellers. Or so a recent survey by says.

While the above are admittedly annoying, the people I really can’t stand are the seasoned travellers. You know the type: they’re the ones weighed down with maps, money off vouchers and guide books galore (all adorned with post it notes). No matter where you’re headed, they’ll have been there, done that and got the t-shirt – and delight in regaling you.



Want to savour the sights you’re seeing in peace and quiet? Forget about it: it’s incumbent upon the seasoned traveller to play tour guide and give you the low-down on said attraction’s history and heritage.



But that’s just me! What are your pet hates when it comes to your travelling companions? Let us know, by posting a comment below!
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