India’s national tourism awards

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Like our home grown awards, India rewards an array of companies who stand out in the promotion of tourism from best foreign journalist to present India and no, it wasn’t anyone connected to CD-Traveller to excellence in publishing in Hindi.

Those in which visitors from our countries might be interested include the state that the judges believe has promoted itself comprehensively. The latter award was split between a state in the north and then another from the rest of India. In the north it was won by Jammu and Kashmir whilst, in the rest of India, it was won by the state of Andhra Pradesh with Rajasthan gaining second prize. A city in Andhra Pradesh, Warangal City which isn’t widely known amongst Britons, was named best heritage city. Apart from being mentioned in the writings of Marco Polo it hods a fair every two years – Sammakka – which is attended by over 6 million people. For us, the nearest airport with direct links to the UK is Bangalore which is about a hundred miles away.

The judges couldn’t split two candidates for the best heritage walk so it was jointly won by Amritsar and Delhi. Another state, Karnataka, won the best award for its excellence in tourism material and Gujarat made up for only being third to Andhra Pradesh in the first category by being the winner of the best tourism film.

Cox and Kings won the award of best tour operator from the UK and Thomas Cook was best overseas charter operator for India. And for those of you who have caught trains in India and marvelled at the way the system works, Mysore was reckoned to be the most tourism friendly station.

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Image © Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

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