Too fat to fly: air passengers call for excess body weight to be taxed

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After a recent article lobbied for airfares to be calculated according to a customer’s weight, independent research has shown that Brits are demanding a ‘fat tax’ on flights.

With body weight affecting a plane’s fuel consumption, the survey, conducted by Holiday Extras, has shown that Brits think customers should be charged as much for their excess weight as they are for their excess baggage.

Nearly half of the people asked (48 per cent) felt that overweight passengers should be charged extra to board their flight. Men in particular think that those carrying excessive body weight should pay the price, with 51 per cent of men in favour of additional charges compared to 43 per cent of women.

James Lewis, head of partnerships at Holiday Extras, said: “Sitting next to a large person on a plane can sometimes reduce the space that you have to relax. If we have to pay extra for excess baggage, maybe we should pay extra for excess body weight.”


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