67,000 Brits swim with dolphins in Mexico

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Most of us when we take a vacation in warmer climes would welcome the opportunity to enjoy the seemingly ideal pursuit of swimming with dolphins. And tens of thousands of us do. Indeed this activity has become quite a sizable business within the travel industry.

A Mexican delegation from Grupo Dolphin Discovery visited London recently promoting their five operations in that destination’s Yucatan tourism hotspot, and in the course of doing revealed some interesting data as presented at a Press conference by Travis Burke, Vice President Caribbean Sales:

“*Today Mexico receives 23 million tourists annually.
*Cancun and Riviera Maya receive 7,000,000 of those tourists in over 70,000 rooms.
*6% of these tourists are from the UK.
*There are 15 Dolphinariums in the area.
*5 of those are from the Dolphin Discovery Group.
*16% of UK tourists swim with dolphins in this Region. (67,000)

Of course as responsible tourists we like to think that when enjoying such a thrill that the Dolphins we swim with are well treated and not overworked creating stress. Manuel Garduno, Corporate Manager Animal Care and Training Development for Grupo Dolphin Discovery told journalists: “In our Dolphinariums, in a pool area of 11,000 square metres which could house up to 115 Dolphins, we only have 23, also each dolphin swims for a maximum of three hours a day with people, and if we feel that a particular dolphin doesn’t appear to be up to swimming with people that day we let it rest”.

So it appears dolphins like humans have good days and bad!
Manuel Garduno, emphasising Grupo Dolphin Discovery’s green approach, also spoke of the eight manatees – an endangered species sometimes also known as seacows – which had been given sanctuary in their Dolphinariums.

For more details please visit www.dolphindiscovery.com

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