UHT milk again

By | Category: Travel rumblings

I’ve stayed in seven hotels in Scotland and Wales this year already and they all had one thing in common. UHT milk tubs in the rooms.
It’s quite obvious why hoteliers and guesthouses, B&B’s and serviced accommodation have the tubs. Fresh milk would go off as it could sit in rooms for days at a time. Even overnight, fresh milk can go off and since hotel rooms seem heated to keep an equatorial animal warm, UHT seems like the only option.
As the smell of UHT milk wafted from my newly brewed tea making me wonder why I hadn’t asked at reception for some proper, fresh milk the first sip reinforced my thought that I wasn’t drinking tea but some noxious substance. It’s not as if most small and private hotels wouldn’t be happy to do so. Forget the fast chains like Premier Inn and Travelodge; they usually have no facilities and no staff to cope with a request for fresh milk.
But most other hotels are happy to help if you ask. And most don’t charge even the larger ones where breakfast is charged by the number of sausages or rashers of bacon you have. So take the step. Ask for a jug of fresh milk to take to your room.
And doesn’t having fresh milk make a difference! Tea tastes as it should.

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