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Getting away is important to you all

In January we undertook a survey of what you – our readers – were like. Was it to Spain and Portugal that you visited on your overseas holidays? Were you young or free from the cares of children? Did you come from all parts of our countries or were there pockets of Traveller fans concentrated in certain areas.

In learning more about you we hope to be able to gear our stories and comment to the things which interest you. It doesn’t mean to say that we won’t include other features and stories but if your interests include abseiling down Mt Everest or sailing the Mediterranean on a plastic duck then we probably won’t include them in the future. Or too often at any rate.

A sample of 49,611 of you who had looked at CD-Traveller in the last few months of 2012 were analysed and this is a summary of what we found.

To get an instant snapshot of readers we used Travel XRay, a system developed by our sister company – Consumerdata – and Arkenford that groups similar holiday types of people together. This system categorises people into thirty groups and we found that you are more likely than average to fall into three groups. These are the Work Hard, Pay Hards, theFree and Easies and a group called Life’s for Living. All three groups are characterised by the fact that you are self-driven. When you have leisure time, (you all seem to be pretty busy people) you like to make the most of it. As one group says in its name, you’ve worked hard and now you are going to make the most of your holiday and travelling time. You like your breaks and you will take them as often as you feel you can. And when you do, you explore.

Two other groups of variety seekers also shone through in the survey. There are those of you that want to relax but also explore and want fairly active holidays both for your mind and your body. You still want to lounge for some of the time but a beach isn’t enough for you. The other group of you plans, researches, talks to friends, studies and then decides what to do and where you will go. Traditional destinations will appeal like the Algarve, Greece, Italy, Turkey, France and, of course, Spain.

All of you share two things in common. You are busy and want to make the best of your free time and you all love holidays. Well, why else would you read CD-Traveller?

You come from all parts of our countries but, memo to circulation people, we must do more to attract readers in Mid Wales, Falkirk, Sunderland and Liverpool where fewer of you than average seem to come from!

…as does Mexico…

The biggest destination for Britons is Spain and its islands. But CD-Traveller readers also like to travel further afield. Appealing destinations to you include Canada, Cape Verde, Cuba, ( anywhere in the Caribbean is a big draw for you) Egypt, Gambia, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia and USA. Far-away is what seems to appeal but you also like short breaks and places like the Netherlands have been popular with you for a quick break when you can find the time. You can be adventurous too. Last year more than an average number of you holidayed in Iran and Azerbaijan, not countries that regularly top the best holiday destinations lists! You want to explore the world that’s out there so you are just as likely to visit some of the less well visited places in NorthAmerica like Colorado (skiing?) and Calgary. (the stampede?)

Holidays don’t come cheaply and whilst a larger number than average of you have the money to indulge the holidays and travel you want, many of you are prepared to save tighten your belts, probably believing that you worked hard enough and that you really do deserve a good break. A greater number of you will also react rapidly. If a TV programme, an interview or, dare we say it – a CD-Traveller story – excites your interest you are one of those people who will go out and book it. The world is split between planners and “do-it-now’s.” Many of you are “do-it-now’s.

..and Tunisia. (El Jem)

As the publisher, what I found particularly interesting about you is that we seem to appeal to all ages. Whether you are 22, twice or three times that age, our stories appear to interest you. We found out a great deal about your interests as well. You have lots of them but a few stood out head and shoulders above the rest such as food and eating out, visiting gardens and the outdoors, our heritage wherever it is in the world and wanting to give something back to your commu ities and the wider world. So in the next few months we will introduce some e-zines and website information that we hope will appeal as much as it seems CD-Traveller does. The first launches this week, Just about Food and you can find it from Wednesday onwards at www.justaboutfood.net.

On behalf of all of us at CD-Traveller, thanks to all of you that helped.

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