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MAS First class; now 50kgs of baggage

Coming after today’s announcement that Heathrow wants to increase landing charges to airlines ( which means that we’ll end up paying) it is pleasant to report some good news for us travellers for a change.
Malaysian Airlines (MAS) has announced that even economy class passengers will be given extra baggage allowances. This will rise as from St Valentine’s Day from 20 to30 kgs per passenger. And you get an extra ten kilos on top of the normal allowance if you travel in business and first class as well.
Why so generous?
The CEO, Encik Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, said that it was to improve their offering to passengers particularly since their business strategy was called ‘Winning Back Customers.’ Some Middle Eastern airlines have been providing 25kgs of free luggage to passengers. Now MAS has trumped them with this new policy.
Will others follow?
Can we see British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and other European airlines doing the same? And what of American airlines who prefer to charge for hold baggage on domestic flights? And will Ryanair follow? On the last point the answer must be not in a month of Sundays.
MAS must be hoping that they have caught all the Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and Australasian airlines on the hop and that we would be happy to fly with them rather than look elsewhere. It’s going to come down to money as usual but MAS has certainly livened up the market and probably made us put them first when checking fares and flights.

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