Keep calm and party, London

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Party loving Londoners rejoice! Come 2015, the need to make a mad dash across town for the last tube or else endure a long journey on a battered, beer soaked night bus or an expensive cab ride home, could – fingers crossed – be a thing of the past.

Transport for London’s Mike Brown is looking at run trains until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights – a la the Olympics – in a bid to boost the night economy. “It will be a real benefit for London’s night-time economy, either for people working late or enjoying themselves. If people want to buy that extra meal, cup of coffee or pint of beer, why wouldn’t we want to encourage that?” said Brown.

While the proposed changes still mean that London would lag behind world cities such as New York (the Big Apple runs trains 24/7), they are nonetheless welcome – and long overdue. London is no Cinderella: it doesn’t shut down, when the clock strikes midnight. Neither should the tube.

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