The coldest attraction on earth

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SeaWorld penguins

Carmera hungry penguins

That is the suggestion being made by SeaWorld as they launch their new attraction in Orlando in Florida; Antarctica- Empire of the Penguins. I might suggest my back garden at the moment. There’s enough snow there!

So would that attract you to go to Seaworld?
They also call it a “thrilling, chilling family ride,” and that the attraction will “immerse you into an icy realm of glaciers and frozen tundras.” It still sounds like my back garden.

The attraction opens in the Spring – there is no precise date at the moment but you can bet it will be probably open for the Easter holidays and definitely for the summer ones.

SeaWorld's Antarctica

SeaWorld stand

At the New York Times Travel Show they had brought a couple of penguins to help attract the families and it worked. Their stand was busy all weekend. After all, most furry animals attract crowds.

To continue to attract people to come or return, the big attractions companies like SeaWorld are always planning the next “big thing.” This year it is Antarctica. Will it work. Would you be tempted to take your family to Florida this year? SeaWorld hopes so. They are offering packages that include free entrance for kids and free dining but that’s only if you stay at one of their resorts.

But most of the big tour operators offer packages that include SeaWorld hotels but do shop around. They have a lot of beds to fill and a lot of tickets to sell so there should be promotional offers to be found.

For more information about Antarctica- Empire of the Penguins click here.


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