Are we loyal to our travel companies?

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Ryanair flies away


A better question could be whether we should be loyal to travel companies. After all, in the immortal words of Monty Python, what have they ever done for us?
A new study from Deloittes, the international auditing and consulting firm has come up with some conclusions that have made more than a few travel companies scratch their heads. They think that just eight per cent of us are loyal to travel companies. the industry view was that it was higher and that things like supermarket, airline and hotel loyalty cards built and maintained that loyalty by offering the traveller something that the traveller coveted. I wouldn’t like to think of what airlines spend in the hope that we will remain members of their loyalty schemes. When Air Canada sold its loyalty scheme it raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the airline. Now does it all seem a waste of money? Do you stay loyal to one supermarket, one airline, one hotel chain or even one car-hire company when you holiday?
I should point out that this survey is one of Americans so it may not apply to a UK audience. But, on the other hand, it might.

Deloittes say that current schemes don’t breed long-term loyalty. I can’t say I’m surprised as some years ago I wrote in CD-Traveller of the lack of appeal of many loyalty schemes. Although Deloittes say that safety, value for money and punctuality drive choice. I think that price is still the major mover. How else would you explain the success of Ryanair? Over 20 per cent of all its revenue comes from extra charges. No service to speak of but passengers flock to them.


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