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AA warns drivers to prepare for icy weather

In light of the recent Met Office warning that the ‘Beast from the east’ is back, freezing weather is forecast to hinder travel plans this week. With temperatures in northern England expected to reach as low as -14°C, the risk of ice, fog and even snowfall is on the cards.

Blowing in from Russia, these icy blasts will create difficult and potentially dangerous driving conditions, leaving drivers vulnerable unless they take the necessary precautions to minimise risk whilst on the road.

The AA advises in cases of extreme weather conditions and winter months that drivers should carry a shovel, thick blanket and a spare tyre at all times, but drivers will be shocked to discover after a recent investigation* that only one in ten vehicles sold in 2011 included a spare.

Instead of a spare tyre, many cars now come equipped with a can of sealant, which some drivers are unsure how to use and others find insufficient to repair deeper punctures. Since car manufacturers replaced the spare tyre with a can of sealant, the RAC has reported almost double the number of emergency call-outs.

Many drivers who have broken-down have admitted that they were unaware that their car didn’t have a spare tyre until it was too late.


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