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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Tenerife. Will this be the favourite 2013 holiday spot?

Traditionally, the fight by tour operators and destinations to get you to visit them in summer began on Boxing Day. I’m not sure it is as important as it was but Thomson Holidays began their campaign just before Christmas. And James Villas, P O Cruises and Virgin Holidays have been trotting out TV ads since Christmas Day. Lost amongst this has been the fact that British Airways and their One World partners have a sale on. As does Virgin Atlantic.
Forty or even thirty years ago, television was blitzed by holiday companies and destinations showing ever more appealing shots of how wonderful it would be if you booked with them. That doesn’t seem to be the case as holidays are booked later and later. But the Daily Mirror has announced that’s it £9 holiday sale will begin on Monday whilst The Sun can only offer cheap holidays from £9.50 and theirs doesn’t begin until next Saturday. The Daily Mail will offer holidays from £15 starting Wednesday but The Star and The People seem to have nothing to rival these.
As with all offers like these, read the small print. Chances are it will have restrictions as when to holiday or what you need to buy as well.
As for the broadsheets, they have the usual number of reader offers available which are tie-ups that they do with suppliers. Sometimes they can be good value and sometimes not. Look around to see what traditional holiday companies will offer to rival them.
Destinations and tour operators need to keep money in hand for those late bookers. Travel agents are hoping you will be spilling out from the doors although the few I have visited so far didn’t seem to be so busy. On the Beach – the online travel agent – claims that it has been busy but they may be the only ones.
After the wettest summer for a hundred years and one of the soggiest winters (so far) that I can remember, my tip this year is that more of us will go abroad in search of sun, eat and dryness! I think that UK destinations might have a difficult year unless money dictates short-breaks. But for your average 10-14 day holiday travellers I think they will be bound for abroad.
But are there bargains to be had this early on if early is what it is? There are still the child discounts and if you can be flexible to travel outside the school holidays then there will be pickings. But if you are committed to a certain destination and in a certain week or two, you might be stuck. On the whole I think it might be better to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.
CD-Traveller will keep its eyes open and see what becomes available.

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