Winter woes

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It’s safe to say that winter is well and truly here – witness the first signs of snow falling all around the UK on Wednesday. No one could have or should have been surprised to see snow flakes fluttering onto Britain’s streets: temperature have been steadily plummeting for days.

Still the sprinkling of snow seemed to take local authorities by surprise, consequently causing chaos on the roads, rails (the Metropolitan tube line which I take to work in central London was majorly affected, running with severe delays) and at airports: the runway at Stansted was shut for close to two hours, while flights from Luton Airport were also disrupted.

Transport bosses and local authorities alike have apologised profusely to commuters for the inconvenience they experienced as a result of the snow. Their collective apologies are appreciated but it does little to explain why transport services were unable to cope. This is Britain, where (sadly for sun worshippers such as myself) we have winter each and every year…

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