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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

Tenerife as we usually think of it

Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations for British, Irish and indeed European tourists. Attracting people all year round, the island in the Canaries has just received the accolade of best water park in a grouping that includes both the USA and Europe for its Siam Park. Coming from the German magazine – Kirmes and Park Revue – which only concerns itself with amusement parks across the world, the achievement by the park is another feather in the cap of an island that doesn’t have too many problems in attracting visitors but sometimes does have a problem in saying something new about itself.
Over 3 million people have visited Siam Park since it opened four years ago. (1.6 million Brits visited the island last year helped,perhaps, by the fact that we can fly there from 22 regional airports.) Its popularity obviously helped inspire the award but it also won for Dragon which was voted best water slide in Europe. Now a miniature version of Dragon has been completed in the children’s area giving them an opportunity to experience – in a more supervised way- what their elders have been experiencing.
Now it has another reason to talk about itself. As most readers will know, the Canaries are volcanic areas. It is Tenerife that has the highest volcanic cone and over 100 volcanic craters. The island has capitalised on this by creating a series of volcano trails that allow interested walkers to virtually see the whole island but in a new context. There are five different areas broken down into ancient volcanoes, large landscapes, historic volcanoes, explosive ones and the Abeque Ridge.
So if you think you’ve seen all that Tenerife has to offer, think again.

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