British men support bare boobs!

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Almost half of British men are in favour of women sunbathing topless on holiday.

According to a recent poll from, 44 per cent of male travellers have no problem with women whipping off their bikini tops, where as ladies themselves are more reserved, with only 20 per cent totally comfortable with going topless.

For 57 per cent of female customers and 45 per cent of men, bare boobs are acceptable if it’s the norm in the country being visited. A private balcony or pool area is the only place women should lay bare according to eight per cent of male and 15 per cent of female holidaymakers.

Topless sunbathing is completely unacceptable to eight per cent of women and three per cent of men.

James Lewis, head of partnerships at, said: “I think this is a case of respecting the culture of the holiday destination you are visiting, more than anything. And I will add that sometimes less is more – you can interpret that whichever way you like!”

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