Ryanair is in it again

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Ryanair flies away


On the same day that Stonewall announced its Bigot of the Year award, we have Ryanair trying hard to win an award for “landing right in it up to our necks” award.
A lady carrying a book and a scroll was denied boarding because this amounted to extra luggage. Early stories suggested she had tried to pay but this is unconfirmed. What did happen is that a passenger videoed this and has put it on YouTube. That video shows the lady with a book and a rolled up scroll about two foot long being talked to by a policeman for just over a minute. Eventually a second guard comes, seems to take her arm and both men escort her from the plane. Already this Wednesday event has had over 100,000 hits and newspapers and media have contributed to the fun by loading it onto their sites. Like us!
Ryanair claims that she was denied boarding because she pushed past gate staff without showing ID. That she made it through security and onto the plane suggests there may be some truth in this but why didn’t Ryanair staff control her at the gate. What is Ryanair security like in Valencia? If she barged past why didn’t they pursue her and block entry up the gangway? Are all Ryanair staff so tame or are they told that if an incident occurs get the police first? Did she barge past because she was frustrated by the actions of Ryanair staff at the gate? Will we ever find the truth?
So for whatever reason, Ryanair lands itself in the wet and sticky again. It will do nothing to add its reputation of being the most hard-hearted, money-grabbing, un-customer friendly airline around. It also can’t handle its own public relations very well either!

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