Ramsgate to Boulogne

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After the collapse of ferry routes over the last few years, a new one has to be welcomed. The Ramsgate to Boulogne service to be launched by Euroferries in February will travel at more than 40 knots and cover the distance in about 75 minutes.
There will be four trips each day in both directions and that will aboard a trimaran deliberately leased for the purpose to give extra stability in case of roughish seas. Not that the channel ever experiences those! The vessel at over 300 feet long will be able to carry cars and coaches as well as foot passengers.
Ramsgate isn’t the easiest place to get to for the foot passenger despite their being a train service from London Victoria which takes about two hours and will cost just over £31 for an advanced booked return ticket. (That will rise in January when the new fares come in.) But Euroferries will operate their own coach service from Victoria to the quayside with stops in the Medway towns and Canterbury. Obviously that will guarantee to get you there in time. I assume that if their own coach is late, the trimaran will be held until it arrives, an important factor in choosing linking transport and which certainly removes some worries.
In Boulogne the quay is just a few hundred yards from the town centre so, for day-trippers, this is ideal. And if you like mussels, Boulogne serves some of the best. For those driving there is a fast link into the road network so you should be in Paris, périphérique permitting, in about two hours.
At present you cannot book; a date for that will be advertised later. The only fare being advertised on the website is £49 for a day return fare on particular days. (probably “quiet” ones like Tuesdays.)
More when further details are announced.

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