Nala, the German kangaroo

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albino kangaroo


Not decided on a half-term break yet? Try Duisburg in Germany where an albino kangaroo has been delighting visitors.
Named Nala by Duisburg Zoo officials, crowds have been visiting the zoo as publicity has grown about the animal. Although born some time ago it is only recently that the joey (the name for a young kangaroo) has ventured outside enough to be seen by visitors. Not only have local newspapers carried news and pictures but national and international publications have publicised Nala. Der Spiegel, the widely read German magazine, has carried pictures about the animal.
Duisburg Zoo might even be called Germany’s Australian Zoo since it is also known for one of Australia’s other iconic animals, the koala and has operated a breeding programme for them for the last sixteen years. In addition it has other unusual animals like the red panda partially due to its links with China.
If you fancy a trip to Duisburg then there are lots of airlinks to the area from UK airports. Fly to Dusseldorf – the nearest big airport – and a half-hour train ride will get you to the zoo after a change in the middle of the city. Duisburg is actually only about 10 minutes away by train from the airport so as destination for a short break it’s ideal in that you don’t have to spend hours getting there.
Apart from the zoo, what is there to see? The Rhine flows through the city so the river played a big part in the development of the city. Duisburg has the largest inland harbour in Europe so it had to have a museum to recall past days. The Binnenschifffahrt is housed in an old art-deco swimming pool and offers entry to some moored vessels like the last remaining Rhine paddle tugboat, Oscar Huber and the 130 year-old steam dredger Minden
There is a Legoland in the city to keep children of all ages occupied and, just like Tate Modern in London, a conversion houses a contemporary art museum –Küppersmühle..
Flights to Dusseldorf are available from eleven airports in the UK and Ireland. Airlines include Aer Lingus, BA, easyJet, Flybe and Jet2 so there should be a connection near you.
For more information on Duisburg, click here.

image © Duisburg Zoo

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