Holidaying Brits will only venture four miles from the resort this half term

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New research from Budget highlights that one in four Brits (24 per cent) will only venture up to four miles from their resort this October, with sightseeing strictly limited to local bars and restaurants (78 per cent), the beach (76 per cent) and the supermarket (67 per cent).

Nearly three quarters (71 per cent) of Brits admit they would like to see more of the country they visit but top excuses for not doing so include:

  • Worrying about the additional expenditure or being on an all inclusive package (32 per cent)
  • Being nervous about getting lost and not knowing the local area (30 per cent)
  • Not being able to speak the local lingo (26 per cent)
  • Lack of confidence driving in foreign countries (24 per cent)
  • Not knowing the best places to visit (20 per cent)

In fact, one in 10 (nine per cent) will actually lie to friends and family about how much they get up to on holiday in a bid to make their time away sound action packed and culturally diverse.

For those brave enough to hit the open road and leave the confines of the resort, nearly half (47 per cent) admit it leads to a more adventurous (47 per cent) and cultural (38 per cent) holiday with the chance to experience the real country and meet the locals (33 per cent).


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