400,000 Brits see Malaysian culture

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As CD-Traveller mentioned recently, the south bank on London’s Thames has been hosting Malaysia Week. It is estimated that nearly 404,000 came along to see the costumes, the culture, the dancing and try the food.
That is a staggering number of people and perhaps goes to show why this sort of event is becoming ever more popular in London. Given that 197,000 Brits went to Malaysia in the first six months of the year, this seems a great way of publicising you country, destination or area. The country comes to you. More people will have enjoyed a snatch of Malaysia than probably will visit the country. As an introduction – or a re-acquaintance –to a country can there be anything better? How many will have added Malaysia to their potential holiday list for next year?
Given the cost that the Malays must have borne in staging the event would it make sense to prolong it and bring it to other cities? If 400,000 came into London to see the event would 150,000 go to Manchester, Birmingam or Glasow to see the fun? Wouldn’t it fit well in the open spaces in front of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay or in St Stephen’s Green in Dublin. And how many more people might be encouraged to visit the country given all the free publicity that such an event would get?
It all ended last Wednesday evening in a closing ceremony that included a lot of dancing, a lot of fun and a greater awareness of Malaysia – the ninth most visited country in the world. And Malaysia’s tourism minister, was out there dancing with the best of them. Now when did you last see the UK tourism minister, sorry our half a minister after the last re-shuffle, doing a Morris dance?

And the minister danced on!

YB Dato Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Minister of Tourism, dancing at the closing ceremony of Malaysia Week

With such a response from Londoners and others who journeyed into the capital, the event should be back next year.

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