Where the experts holiday: travel writer, Robin Nowacki

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Robin Nowacki on an assignment in Sorrento

Travel journalist, Robin Nowacki, has written on travel destinations from Mexico to the Maldives for both consumer and trade publications. Here he shares some of his travel highlights, exclusively with CD-Traveller readers

What do you like to do on holiday?
The first couple of days absolutely nothing then, after that, everything the destination has to offer which appeals to my wife and .  As someone who has been involved in travel journalism for 20 years, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to experience many of the world’s most attractive destinations as part of my work. My wife has not had this advantage, so I always put her feelings and wishes first when we go on holiday. This led us to swimming with dolphins and driving classic cars in Cuba, and camel riding, desert quad biking and diving in Egypt, all mixed (of course) with many happy hours of shopping!

Swimming with dolphins in Cuba

Where did you last go?

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, which is not only very good value at the moment but also offers guaranteed sunshine. While in Sharm El Sheikh, I went camel riding in the desert and took a great day excursion to St Catherine’s Monastery, near Mount Sinai.

Close to the source of the Nile, Uganda

Do you know where you’re going this year?

Uganda. Three years ago my wife and I went to the Source of the Nile, the point where Africa’s greatest river pours out of Lake Victoria.
This time, the plan is to go the Mountains of the Moon and seek the Gorillas!



Of all the places you’ve been to, what was your favourite and why?

The State of Oxaca in Mexico. After 3,000 years still largely populated by Zapotec Indians whose ancestors before the time of Christ built the pyramids of the huge scared city of Monte Alban which still stand today on a mountain top above the perfectly preserved 16th century Spanish colonial city of Oaxaca. Here they serve some of the best food in Mexico – all fresh local produce. This is where cooking in mole sauce (unsweetened chocolate) originated. Cross the mountains and one finds Oaxaca also boasts a long beautiful unspoilt coastline where the warm tropical waves of the majestic Pacific Ocean demonstrates many moods.


Which destination do you wish to travel to, but haven’t yet been?

Brazil (my youngest son has just beaten me to it), preferably around Carnival time.

In your own country, what would you recommend tourists see that isn’t in the travel guides?
The Jurassic coast of Dorset and Devon onto the English Channel. I love seascapes and on a sunny day, this spectacular coastline made up of some of the most ancient fossil filled rocks on Earth, punctuated by quaint historic picturesque towns, is hard to beat. Hire a fishing boat, walk the cliff paths, picnic on local pasties and fresh crab salads. To make it even better, then add the writings of Thomas Hardy giving the region a more recent historic perspective and insight.

How do you plan your holiday?
Years of writing on the travel trade has given me an insight into many destinations, I have not actually visited. Based on this knowledge, I put a few ideas forward to my wife and then she decides where we go. Then we always try to go to a destination off peak to avoid the crowds and hence maximise the holiday experience on offer. Last time we booked with a tour operator, I knew to be good.

How often do you go away?
With my wife at least twice a year – one main trip and then a short break or two. In my work as a travel writer it fluctuates from year to year, an average would be around seven trips.

Who do you travel with?
On holiday, with my wife.

Where do you see tourism in your country, in 10 years?
There will be an increasing demand to experience this unique and diverse island nation. The UK has so much to offer. The opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games was a great advert, not only did it highlight London, but also Northern Ireland , Scotland, Wales, and other parts of England.
If promoted properly there are so many parts which should appeal to tourists from around the world.Perhaps this could be done by promoting trips to the existing tourist hotspots combined with excursions to less known parts of the UK, the hidden gems. Expect tourists from China to steadily increase.

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