Brits a nation of armchair athletes

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Olympics ‘inspire a generation’ to…stay seated!

As the Olympics draw to a close, it seems the people of Britain have not been motivated to take up a new sport, according to a new poll by

More than half of Brits (55 per cent) said that although Team GB’s success was overwhelming, they’d still trade the track for the TV and the comfort of their couch.

And the results show that men and women were equally as uninspired, with 53 per cent of males and 56 per cent of ladies opting to watch rather than adopt a sport.

While the majority showed complete disinterest, eight per cent of people blamed the lack of sporting facilities in their area for the reason to not get involved in any games.

However, it appears that Great Britain’s cycling team pedalled their way to popularity, with 13 per cent saying they’ve now been inspired to get on their bike.

London 2012, attraction or turn-off

Anthony Clarke Cowell, associate merchandising director at, said: “The buzz around London 2012 was phenomenal but our poll just proves that despite Brits’ enthusiasm and patriotism, we’re a bunch of couch potatoes!”

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