Stiletto’s, office chairs and bog snorkelling

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Llanwrtyd Wells

Bog Snorkelling Championships

It hardly seems possible but we are about halfway through the Games. Some of the big events may be passed but there remain some of the most exciting to come. If you thought that Usain Bolt caused excitement, well, just wait for the weekend.
Always an international media event and crowd-pleaser, this year the world bog snorkelling championships are being held within the World Alternative Games. So join the millions (or thereabouts) who will trek to the sports capital of the world, Llanwrtyd Wells in Powys, for what will be the sporting event of the year. Don’t let anyone tell you that the 100 metres, the team pursuit cycling or even the synchronised diving is more thrilling. Bog snorkelling is engrossing and doesn’t flash by in the blink of an eye. So you get more for your money’s worth. In fact it won’t cost you any more than the petrol to get there, accommodation to stay overnight if you want to (a fiver for camping) and the cost of an ice-cream if it takes your fancy.
But why have you not been to this sporting nirvana to watch the worm charming, the chariot racing, the Russian egg roulette or the pea shooting? You’ve only just over nine days of competitive events before the closing ceremony (which will not be about British music through the ages)
This bank holiday weekend sees the bog snorkelling, the wife carrying and the oh-so-British Pooh Sticks Championships. TV around the world will carry these results. Why BBC Breakfast was even down in the village earlier this week as was Newsround. I’m told on the quiet that excusive TV rights to cover the Games are so eagerly sought that rumours of a cost escalation to a whole jammy dodger this year may not be wide of the mark! An insider clad as a Roman charioteer suggested to me that the Beeb lost the rights when an obscure TV station from Outer Mongolia bid the jammy dodger thinking it was an event!
Next week there is the stiletto race, (rumours that Posh is favourite seem untrue but Rebecca Adlington may bring her famed Jimmy Choo’s) office chair racing, (Ricky Gervais is not competing so the field is wide-open) and gravy wrestling. For the underwater rugby and hockey competition you have to travel to Newport as the village has decided to share things around in other Welsh locations and the bathtubbing takes place in the Cardiff International White Water Centre down in the Bay.
Our sporting summer is not yet over but you do need to set the satnav to Llanwrtyd Wells so you don’t miss anything more. Unless you can get Outer Mongolian TV.

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