Age of austerity brings British families back together

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New research from South West self-catering specialist Blue Chip Holidays has revealed that tighter times are encouraging siblings, parents and relatives to club together to stay in more expensive, more exclusive holiday homes. This bizarre and counterintuitive habit may seem peculiar given the current economic climate, but it’s actually very canny; the simple truth is that a ‘sharecation’ is often cheaper per person than taking holidays in separate holiday homes.

The findings were discovered in a survey of over 2,000 Blue Chip Holidays customers earlier this summer. The survey revealed that 68 per cent of those questioned would be happy to share a holiday with their wider families if that meant they could get bigger, more luxurious properties with better facilities at a cheaper price per person.

While the survey clearly shows that necessity is the mother of inventive holiday bookings, it also revealed that far from disliking the idea of sharing, over one third said that the current economic climate was actually helping to bring families back together.

Among the many benefits of the extended family holiday the survey identified that 42 per cent felt that the ability to split the cost of food and entertainment, helping to save money, was an advantage over separate family breaks.

One third felt that having young cousins and friends to play with made for a more relaxed and fun holiday. One in five said that having Granny and Granddad on holiday gave mum and dad the chance to spend time alone together as a couple.

Seventeen per cent felt that extended family holidays meant that children could spend more time entertaining each other, helping to save money normally spent on expensive attractions. However, the biggest advantage of all was seen quite simply as having the opportunity to bring family together to have a good time, capturing three quarters of the votes polled.

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