Brits really can’t live without their yearly holiday abroad

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Despite Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging holidaymakers to stay in the UK for their summer break this year, only a quarter of us say a ‘staycation’ is the ideal holiday. Nearly half of Brits – 45 per cent – say the ideal non-UK destination is within Europe while almost one in three (30 per cent) say their ideal holidays are outside of Europe, according to new research by

When searching for the ideal get-away, the majority of UK holidaymakers are looking for a seaside break, with 45 per cent of people choosing ‘beach’ compared to just nine per cent wanting an active or sporty holiday. Less than five per cent seek snow for their break, while sightseeing is a priority for almost one in three holiday makers (32 per cent), rising to 45 per cent for people aged 55+.

57 per cent of 18-25s would prefer to spend their holiday at the beach. 25-35 year-olds are most likely to choose an active or sporty holiday, compared to other age groups (14 per cent compared to nine per cent on average) but the majority of this age group (52 per cent) still prefers the beach.

Surprisingly, even in these times of financial difficulties, people cannot live without a yearly holiday. The majority of people interviewed take one of two holidays per year with over 55s taking the most holidays (an average of 1.93 holidays a year), compared to 18-24 year-olds who take the fewest holidays overall (an average of 1.47).

Worryingly, only just over half (55 per cent) of people always buy travel insurance when they go away, despite 90 per cent of people having holidayed abroad. A surprising 15 per cent always take a risk by not purchasing any insurance even though illness abroad tops the list of holiday nightmares with 44 per cent of holidaymakers having experienced illness either themselves or among their party while abroad.

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