Want to see the Olympics? There’s still space!

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As the rush for last minute Olympic tickets gets underway, those looking to plan a trip to the capital will be heartened to know that research from hotel booking app, JustBook, has revealed that nearly two thirds of the hotels in the capital still have rooms available for the remainder of the Olympic period.

JustBook’s research, which looked at availability in some of London’s leading hotels, has shown that rather like the Olympic stands — there are significant vacancies still available for the duration of the games. This has been a trend that has been seen all summer with research showing that, in the two week build-up to the games, only one out of every four hotels (24 per cent) in London were at full capacity, offering up hundreds of hotel rooms.

“Many people would still love to get their hands on some Olympic tickets, but may avoid trying to do so because public perception is that London is ‘fully booked’ and there is nowhere left to stay,” commented Stefan Menden, founder of JustBook.

“However, many hotels still have rooms on stand-by and there are some great deals to be had if visitors know where to look. Even those people who live near the Capital can take advantage of last minute bookings if they decide that they want to make a night of it and enjoy the atmosphere rather than heading home.”

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