What’s hot: August 2012

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CD-Traveller tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world. This month, those wanting to escape the Olympics should seek out Spain – just forget flying there with Ryanair


If you want to escape Olympic fever/the inclement weather, book a break in Berlin this month. The hip German city is hosting the Berlin International Beer Festival on August 3-5 and the much loved Long Night of Museums on August 25. Even better for those who don’t mind roughing it, Generator Hostels has slashed bed prices to just £7.88 per night throughout August!

Packing for every occasion

Research commissioned by the F&F clothing line at Tesco has revealed that the average woman changes her outfit four times a day on holiday with one in 10 women wearing seven different outfits in 24 hours! Victoria Beckham eat your heart out.

Learning the lingo
Free ‘regional greetings’ guides are being handed out to foreign visitors staying at Jurys Inn hotels this summer so that they can learn the likes of “Why aye mate” and “Alright mush?”“We are increasingly aware that, for oversea guests in particular, our array of regional accents can sometimes be difficult to grasp,” said Jurys Inn’s Suzanne Cannon.

Spending the summer in Spain

Fancy spending the summer in sunny Spain? Do it! Hotel prices in cities across Spain are falling owing to the fact that domestic customers can no longer afford to travel. By contrast, bargain breaks in Greece could soon be a thing of the past as holiday-makers are feeling happier as a result of the recent election results.

Paris by road
A new London-Paris coach service, the iDBUS, launched last month. The upmarket offering, owned by the French state owned railway operator, SNCF,  boasts free wi-fi and increased leg room but isn’t great if you’re in a hurry: the iDBUS takes approximately seven hours while the Eurostar takes just two hours and 15 minutes.

Fast track Sydney

The world famous Sydney Opera House

London-Sydney has always been a bit of a schlepp but perhaps not for much longer. Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream, with the help of NASA, are working in the first supersonic commercial passenger airliner. If the new technology is successful, the 400km/h flight will take four hours.

Ditching the debit card fees
Airlines including Aer Lingus, BMI Baby, Eastern Airways, EasyJet, Flybe, Germanwings, Jet2, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Thomson, Thomas Cook and Wizz Air have agreed to stop hiding debit-card surcharges, following an enforcement action by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The aforementioned airlines will now ensure that their debit card feeds are transparent upfront on their websites.


Storm warnings
A new study by scientists at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science has concluded that airlines put passengers and planes at risk by flying too close to thunderstorms. Current guidelines order pilots to give storms cells a 23 mile berth but in reality turbulence can actually occur up to 60 miles away.

Breaking up before a holiday
Sun seekers are willing to delay ending their relationships, so as to get their vitamin D fix. According to a study by Sunshine.co.uk, one in 10 people have delayed ditching their partner until after their holiday – with 50 per cent of those doing so within two weeks of returning to Blighty.

Flying to Spain with Ryanair

Ryanair flies away

Thinking of spending the summer in Spain following our story above about cheap accommodation in the Spanish cities? Great idea – just forget flying with Ryanair who are charging passengers extra in their bid to recoup higher airport charges. Departure taxes from Spanish airports have risen by an average of 19 percent this summer, although Barcelona’s El Prat and Madrid-Barajas have seen increases of around 50 per cent.


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