Brazil launches new global advertising campaign

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Brazil launched its brand new international campaign for tourist promotion during a ceremony held at London Film Museum, last week. Titled ‘The World Meets in Brazil. Come Celebrate Life’ the campaign has been created by the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur (the Brazilian Tourist Board) to promote Brazil as the host of major sporting events, including the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Flavio Dino, President of Embratur

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, attended the launch ceremony of the new campaign together with other Brazilian government authorities and emphasised this strategic moment for the international exposure of Brazil: “We have been welcomed to this city and I’m sure London will host the best Olympics of all time. When the time comes for Rio de Janeiro, we will also do our part and we welcome the visitors with open arms who will be very well received.”

From left to right: Flavio Dino, Dilma Rousseff and Gastao Vieira

This latest strategy will present Brazil as a culturally unique country that offers diverse experiences for all visitors.  “The latest campaign emphasises friendliness and openness which are the salient features of Brazilian people. We want to show that Brazilians have a natural tendency to give a warm welcome to visitors, which has created our unique and diverse culture with roots in different continents. Brazil, in fact, brings together a bit from each part of the world. And that is why the world meets in Brazil,” said Flavio Dino, the president of Embratur.

The launch was attended by the minister of tourism, Gastão Vieira, the president of Embratur, Flávio Dino and other Brazilian authorities.
“Through print, digital, online, TV and ‘out of home’ media Embratur and the Ministry of Tourism intend to inspire visitors to explore and discover Brazil, and maximise the ever-increasing interest in the country as it prepares to step into the spotlight that is associated with hosting two mega-events in the next four years,” explains Walter Vasconcelos, the director of marketing of Embratur.

Sandie Dawe, CEO, VisitBritain talks with Minister for Tourism and President of Embratur

According to Flávio Dino, Brazil will have a high profile in London, being the host of the next Olympic Games. ‘We will have a unique opportunity which could produce real results to help us reach our target of doubling the number of foreign tourists and tripling foreign currency entering the country by 2017, the year after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro”. In Dino’s evaluation, the historic record of international arrivals in June this year, which Rio+20 contributed toward, is proof that Brazil’s strategy for hosting mega-events is hitting the mark. “With these events we have a broad exposure which will attract new tourists and take Brazil to a new level of importance in global tourism”.

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