64 per cent of UK dogs to hit the road this summer

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Sadly floods and poor weather have become the hallmark of a UK summer and 2012 is proving to be no exception with the wettest June on record in much of the country. Still this is not enough to put the majority of dog owners off a domestic break this summer, as 64 per cent are still planning to hit the roads with their pooches for a holiday around the UK.

Research, conducted by Ceva Animal Health, has found that for the two-thirds of dogs travelling this summer, the majority will spend an average of five hours in the car over the course of the trip. While the majority of owners have already experienced a car journey with their pet, some 15 per cent of British dog owners are driving their dog on holiday for the first time.

We asked Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets at Home, MVB MRCVS, for her top ten tips for travelling with your dog this summer:

1. Bring your dog to the vets before travelling to ensure they are up to date with their vaccinations and have no pre-existing illnesses. They can recommend medication and pheromone sprays for anxiety or travel sickness if necessary

2. Practice sitting in the car with your dog, both stationary on the drive and also for short journeys to help them adjust

3. Stock up on food and water before setting off – it will be difficult to find their normal food at a motorway services

4. Make them comfortable by bringing their usual bed or blanket to settle down into but also ensure they are safely secured with a car harness

5. Feed your dog at least two hours prior to the journey to reduce the chance of travel sickness

6. Keep the car well-ventilated when travelling and use aircon where possible

7. Make regular toilet and walk breaks – once every two hours is recommended

8. Never let your dog put its head out of the window as it can lead to eye injuries

9. If you’re travelling with small children, make sure they don’t annoy or tease your dog

10. Ensure your dog is microchipped before going on holiday to minimise the chance of losing your dog in an unfamiliar environment

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