Marguerite, the cow hotel

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Marguerite Hotel

Marguerite, the cow hotel

One of the least densely-populated areas of France, Limousin is an area of France that many of us will not know. But mention the main city in the region – Limoges- and suddenly its more widely known. It is this city that is one of the main reasons visitors travel there. The other is the wide-open pace that attracts walkers, hikers and those that like to explore at a more leisurely pace.
And as you tour the area you will probably see something else that Limousin is famous for – cows. But look out in particular for one particular cow with a difference – Marguerite. She is wooden, not in temperament but in design. As a two-bed place to stay for the night, she as to be one of the more unusual accommodation units you are ever likely to find. How many people can say they slept in a cow?
Maybe Limousin is a source of unusual accommodation because also there is La Ferme 1771, an eighteenth century farmhouse in which you can stay. Nothing unusual in that you might think since there are lots of farmhouses that have been turned into hotels and guesthouses. The difference here is that the farmhouse has been restored to how it was in 1771 so there is no heating, no hot water and you are expected to help look after the farm animals. Marketed as an authentic eighteenth century farmhouse, this is one time when the advertising is accurate!
Of course there are plenty of more conventional types of accommodation in which to stay but where’s the fun in that?

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