Parents spend a total of £15 billion on holidays (but don’t bother with travel insurance)

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As holidaymakers are facing ongoing turmoil in the Eurozone, research from Asda Financial Services has found that a whopping 32 per cent of parents do not insure their kids or even take out a family policy ahead of going abroad – exposing both themselves and their children to the potential dangers of travelling uninsured.

The UK spends £2.8 billion on pre-holiday items such as sun cream, books and medication followed by a further £12 billion during their holiday on taxis, excursions, ice creams et al. But they’re failing to fork out £36.91 ( the equivalent of a meal out for the family or a new outfit) to cover their families for their trip. Research reveals that the biggest offenders are those in the Midlands with over a quarter (26 percent) failing to take out travel insurance. They are closely followed by the Scottish with a quarter not taking out cover while the Welsh emerge as the most cautious as only eight per cent have not taken precautions this summer.

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