Greece is the word

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Regardless of what happens in the Greek elections tonight, don’t be put off booking a break in Athens et al.

The country’s economy may be a mess but Greece remains a top holiday destination and needs our business (tourism is Greece’s biggest industry) now more than ever.

Given the economic and political woes in Athens, it is of course easy to understand why tourists are a tad nervous about holidaying in Greece but their fears are misfounded. A good friend of mine has just returned from a fortnight in the troubled country and reports that, contrary to public perception, there has never been a better time to visit.

For the fact of the matter is hotels have dramatically slashed their prices yet Greece’s weather is wonderful, its beaches remain as beautiful as ever and, thanks to international press coverage, you’ll have them all to yourself. And after ‘monsoon June’, don’t we all deserve some sunshine?

Bottom line: forget the Grexit. This is a great time to hot foot it to Greece.

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