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Sir Viv Richards

Sir Viv's cold breakfast!

Antigua is the home of Sir Viv Richards, one of the most exciting and successful cricketers that there has ever been. In London last week, he spent some time answering questions about Antiguan tourism rather than the more traditional cricketing questions he would normally be asked.
Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean country that is largely two populated islands (about 85,000 people in all) and a number of smaller, uninhabited ones. This year it celebrates its coming of age being 21 years old as an independent nation. With a claimed 365 beaches and a climate of sunshine and warmth, those are the reasons visitors go.
This year the number of visitors travelling there from the UK is up and that is despite APD. But local prices have had to fall so that the country can be seen to be competitive. For a country heavily dependent on tourism it is growth that Antigua wants and more British and Irish visitors.
But what would Sir Viv suggest you see?
His favourite beach is Fort James where he stills goes and plays some beach cricket. And to all of us aspiring international test batsmen, the good news is that admits to being bowled out by other beach players. Hope is there for us all! Fort James Beach is at Fort Bay on the northwest coast of Antigua and is not far from the cruise terminal in the capital, St John’s so it is a popular visitor beach. Fort James is an old British fort and a popular place to visit as well. Cannons and some buildings remain but a visit is worthwhile so you can take in the views down over the bay below.
Now Antiguans play their cricket in the 10,000 seater, Sir Viv Richards Cricket Ground which was built in 2007. But as a child, he remembered climbing over the fence of the old ground so that he could watch Colin Milburn playing for the MCC.
The country is known for its food, spiny lobsters from Barbuda for example, so where does Sir Viv like? Surprisingly perhaps, he plumped for a French restaurant in Hodges Bay called Le Bistro but when you look at the menu there like a carrot soup with coconut milk and papaya chutney or smoked marlin carpaccio you can see the Caribbean has influenced French cooking. Local red snapper and lobster are the sort of dishes that Sir Viv goes for.
Oddly enough because he travels so much, he often feels like a visitor when he returns to his homeland. So that could be why he talked so enthusiastically and long about his country. And why his breakfast got cold as he answered all the questions!

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