A tale of two halves

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Some readers might have spotted that I have been travelling recently. For 12 days I have lived out of a small, carry-on wheelie case. But as I picked up things it grew fatter. So I checked it in as hold baggage something I rarely do. And guess what? It didn’t keep up with me so I have been shopping for the necessities.
The first thing it reminds me is that I shall follow my own advice. Don’t take hold baggage if you possibly can. In fifteen trips this year, this is the first time I have collected so much to write about. But it is my longest trip and I’ve still three more days to go.
I am not surprised that my baggage didn’t make it with me to Edinburgh. I nearly didn’t. My American Airlines flight from Chicago was late in possibly due to us circling Heathrow for a while, possibly due to winds. I had 50 minutes to make the connecting British Airways flight to Edinburgh and that meant moving from terminals 3 to 5, facing passport control and security. All this was using the transit system not the normal methods I should add. But I did it. Obviously my hold luggage didn’t.
Arriving in Edinburgh I was told the bag would be on the next flight and would be sent on overnight to where I was staying in Inverness. And I was to keep receipts for buying replacement shirt and underwear so BA could reimburse me. No ifs or buts. But why should BA do this? It was American’s fault so shouldn’t they pay? I was told it is the last flight carrier in the chain that pays which seems a little unfair. But they’re all oneworld now I was told. Obviously “alliances” means a little more than just sharing flights.
But after flying on US airlines, the attitude of British Airways staff was calming. As I ran up through terminal 5 to make the connection with about five minutes to spare, I was motioned by one staff member to slow down. There’s no rush I was told; plenty of time. I was told the same as I went to board. It was all so reassuring, all so calm and all so terribly British! It was nice to be back on BA whereas with airlines like Air France I’d have been denied boarding; with Ryanair and easyJet it would have been closed and no amount of protestations would have had any effect.
Oh, and we landed early in Edinburgh.

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