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TurtleTrek USB stick

Opening at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida tomorrow is TurtleTrek, an attraction that is going to have you children – and you – demanding a visit.
In a domed theatre that gives you a complete 360 degree view of what’s happening, you will be able to see the life of a turtle across its huge travelling life. As most people know, turtles lead an astonishing existence. No animal’s life journey is more incredible than that of the sea turtle. From hatching on a beach and making the mad dash to open waters to the dangers and hazards they face as they mature and return to the very same beach to lay their own eggs, their tales of life underwater have in the past been impossible to show.
In addition there is a 3-D animated film that shows the life of an turtle. SeaWorld says that there are two films in one; one for the left eye and one for the right. So complex is it that they say if you tried to download it onto your PC or laptop it would take 3 months. It is just under 950 gb in size.
Just as SeaWorld highlighted the endangered manatee, they are hoping that this new attraction will encourage people to work – or work harder – to help preserve a species, some of which are greatly in danger of disappearing from our planet forever.
And for those of you who saw how gullible I was yesterday for a USB stick in the shape of a mermaid, guess what? SeaWorld gave us a stick in the form of a turtle! But then I bet you will want a souvenir of these astonishing creatures when you go to SeaWorld’s latest attraction in Orlando.

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