Biking, Harleys and Route 66

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Route 66 is pretty much iconic in the US. To see it from a Harley-Davidson tends to fulfil an American dream. And one company, Eaglerider is helping fulfil that dream. But not just for Americans. We British are anxious to face the great outdoors with them as well.
Eaglerider celebrates its twentieth birthday this year. From beginnings when four Austrians were the first customers to today when 60,000 a year take tours in different countries around the world, Eaglerider has helped two dreams come true; to see the vast expanse of the United States without the limitations that a car imposes and to ride a Harley. True they aren’t as expensive to buy in the US as they are back home but they’re still pretty pricey.
So you can hire a bike and go off on your own, go as part of a conducted tour or just ride pillion. Even on Route 66, there are parts where taking a car can be difficult. With a bike you have no worries. Try taking a track into one of the deserts in a car. At night you can stay in a range of hotels from five star to whatever you please. As you travel, a repair service follows behind just in case the unexpected happens. A bike gives you more flexibility and that could explain the success of Eaglerider. Today it’s not just in the US that they operate. They are in the UK as well as Canada, Australia and South America. And it has come about because customers like what they experienced and wanted more. It’s no surprise then that repeat business is very high. In fact some riders get so attached to the bikes that they rode that they arrange to buy them even going to the extent of shipping them abroad. (If you do decide to do this, then part of the cost of the holiday can be offset against the purchase price.)
The tour along Route 66 remains the most popular for Americans and visitors to the US and trips through the desert and coast-to-coast closely follow it.
How long will it be before tours through the highlands become as popular?

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