The jewel of the south Californian coastline

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That’s the name they give to the city of Redondo Beach which is just twenty minutes away from the middle of Los Angeles but which seems to be in a different world. Why?
Because for one thing it seems to be rather on its own with a distinctiveness that is so separate from the bustle of Los Angeles. For a start, sitting right on the waterfront, the ocean plays a big part. This was where surfing was introduced to mainland USA by George Freeth, an Hawaiian surfer. This is a place where you can dive in a semi-submersible and view the ocean floor. This is a place where you can watch blue and grey whales for most of the year. But above all, this is a family place since there is a safe area in the lagoon which is open from next month until September. Perhaps because it has never developed as a commercial port is why it retains a village atmosphere despite it officially being a city.
Like many British seaside resorts it has a pier but unlike ours this, they claim, is horseshoe shaped. To me it looks like two triangles bolted together in some geometric puzzle. To the locals this is where they can eat at a variety of different restaurants, fish in the deep waters below, jog in the early morning coolness and while away the time with a long, cool drink. Even dogs have their own beach here!
But Redondo Beach isn’t only about the ocean. It’s a city of restaurants, city of shopping and Hollywood Stars. At the Riviera Village, many stars come down to shop in the area over the years giving it its unofficial title of Hollywood Riviera.
So next time you’re in Los Angeles, spread your wings a little further than the usual spots and go to Redondo Beach.

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