The royal knees up

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The organisers have announced that tickets are available for the Diamond Jubilee Festival which will take place in Battersea Park. Part of it will be “a proper knees-up with dancing” according to the organisers.
Did the Queen ever do this? Do we still do “knees- ups?”
We know she slipped out from Buckingham Palace on VE Day in 1945 and joined the crowds milling outside the palace. There was plenty of dancing that day and night. We know she is an adept Scottish country dancer but a knees-up?
Still, let’s not be churlish. The extravaganza in Battersea Park will be an event that I can truthfully say, I will never see again in my lifetime. It will be at least a century before another monarch manages to sit on the throne for 60 years so the chance to enjoy this one should be welcomed.
There will be twenty three different themed areas covering the last sixty years. This is no small event. When I used the word “extravaganza” I meant it. There are too many events to list so click here to be taken to the full list. Tickets cost a fiver.
One highlight – and there are going to be many including the extraordinary pageant down the Thames – is the creation of a portrait of the Queen made out of 3,120 cakes. How big will this be? How do you keep it in place if it’s a hot day? Who gets a slice? Does Auntie put a slice in a tin and look at it in twenty years’ time to remind herself – in Max Boyce’s immortal words – that she was there?
Do you know the disappointment that I have? That I won’t be able to see it all. With so much happening, the visitor to Battersea is going to be hard-pressed to see half of it. How am I going to watch the pageant on the Thames as well? Even TV won’t be able to show it all. And what about my local events?
But who’d miss it? This might be a celebration of sixty years of the Queen but it is also going to be a nostalgic and happy look back of the years that you and I have lived through. Were they really like that?
Prepare for fun!

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