What’s hot: April 2012

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CD-Traveller tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world. This month, Burma is hitting the headlines for all the right reasons, but will we be able to afford to fly to there?


It’s official: Burma is back on the map. Bookings to Burma (or Myanmar) have doubled since the National League for Democracy lifted its tourism boycott and encouraged ethical travel. Subsequently tour operators such as the Ultimate Travel Company have added extra dates to their schedule.

In-flight fast food
Hands up if you miss your Maccy Ds when up in the air? Fast food lovers might be able to enjoy their big macs on board in the near future if predictions prove true. A jetcost.co.uk poll found that 46 per cent of Brits believe that fast food outlets like KFC, Burger King et al,  will be available on planes by 2020.

Oscar winning holidays
Destinations that featured in Academy Award nominated films are on the rise. Case in point? Holidays to Hawaii have rocketed by 70 percent thanks to George Clooney’s best actor nomination for The Descendants. Elsewhere Paris has also enjoyed a surge in popularity, after Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris was nominated for Best Picture.


From Russia with love
Russian visitors are flocking to Britain in their droves: 200,000 touched down in Blighty last year alone. As a result British Airways launched a direct flight from London to Moscow on March 25. The 747 flights have a First Class and the 767 have a Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller Class. See www.ba.com for more.

Stockholm for single ladies
Which city is home to the world’s hottest men? Step forward Stockholm. The Swedish city – home of True Blood’s easy on the eye actor, Alexander Skarsgard, topped US website, travelersdigest’s list. New York came second with Sydney – famed for its flaxen haired surfers – in sixth place.


Holidaying at home
The government has launched a ‘Holidays at home are GREAT’ campaign in a bid to encourage more Brits to holiday at home during 2012 – the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and of course, the Olympics. Expect discounts of 20.12 per cent on a host of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

The China girls
Travelling in China is tough, owing to the language and cultural barriers. Enter At Your Side – who offer translators, personal assistants and specialists in Shanghai and Beijing to help you navigate China’s two major metropolises with more confidence and comfort. For the full low down, visit www.atyourside.asia



Messing with Malaria medication
The NHS has reported a 27 per cent increase in patients seeking treatment for Malaria over the past two years. Malaria is the world’s second biggest killer and is spread by mosquitoes in tropical areas. The message? If you are travelling to afflicted areas, make sure you take your malaria medication.


Boozing abroad
A new survey has revealed that young travellers are consuming a whopping 1,592 calories a day in alcohol while on their hols. Eeek! Given that the average calorie intake for a woman is 2,000 per day and 2,500 per day for a man, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to find that our waists have widened when we return to the Motherland.


Air fares
Industry insiders have warned that flight prices will continue to rise for the price of jet fuel shows little sign of dropping. So how to avoid paying above the odds? By booking early. Comparison site Fly.com says: “Airlines will be forced to push up their pries or risk going out of business. Consumers should start researching flight prices well in advance of their trip.”


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