Doing St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

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Dublin will be going green on St Patrick’s Day.  Expect parades, parties and lots of fun , writes Megan Gates

With St. Patrick’s Day only a couple of days away, it is time to make some plans. If people are sick of drinking green beer, then they should consider celebrating in the Emerald Isle. Dublin throws an incredible party for St Patrick’s Day.  There are free celebrations across the city so if there was ever a time to visit Ireland, then that time is now. It is a unique experience to celebrate the holiday in the land where it all began.

Dublin brings the streets to life by a hosting a festival. Once St. Patrick’s Festival fever swings into town, there is a big celebration. Band and street performances occur throughout Dublin. It is a major annual festival that has been taking place since 1995. The event reflects the talents and accomplishments of the Irish people. With so much creative energy, it takes nearly 18 months to plan the celebration. During the festival, people can marvel at Dublin’s iconic buildings that illuminate green. Bands will be playing outside of Coppinger Row during the festivals.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade is another must-see event in Dublin. Thousands of people attend the parade to celebrate their Irish heritage. During this spectacular event, there will be a riot of colors. Marching ensembles from around the globe take part in the parade. Besides marching bands, spectators will also witness floats and people in costume. It is a fun-filled atmosphere that begins on Parnell Square. The parade travels across town and ends just past St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This event is an unforgettable part of St Patrick’s Day.

Drinking is also a fun Irish tradition. One of the best places to go in Dublin is the area around Temple Bar. The area is packed with people who are lining up for pints of Guinness. As most people know, Guinness is a popular Irish beer. It even has a shamrock on it, which is the symbol of Ireland. Dublin knows how to cater to the boozy crowd. In fact, there are pubs in Ireland that are older than the Magna Carta.


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